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I support Jennifer Lawrence. She is still the beautiful woman we know and love. She’s the same as she was 3 days ago before this hell broke loose. She should NOT be blamed for this fiasco. She didn’t intend on pictures getting leaked. Please, if you can, post or tweet something positive about Jen! Twitter, tumblr, Instagram, whatever you want. Post a fact, quote, or how Jen made you feel. The world needs to know that she is #MoreThanJustAPhotograph . We know, but it’s time to show the world. Hopefully you will stand with the supporters, and help to fight. I guess you could say this is our own little rebellion against the Capitol. And instead of Katniss, Jennifer Lawrence is our Mockingjay.



Good news, Initiates! Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer has confirmed that the trailer for the much anticipated sequel to Divergent, titled Insurgent, will run with Mockingjay Part 1 set for release November 21, 2014. At the first quarter earnings call for Lionsgate Entertainment on August 8th, Feltheimer talked a lot about the Divergent Series saying that, “all the signs are pointing to it growing into another big young adult franchise like Twilight and The Hunger Games.” He also mentioned that book sales for the series have soared and author Veronica Roth’s latest book, Four: A Divergent Collection had climbed to #1 on the bestseller list. Feltheimer went on to say that Divergent’s DVD release is on track to become the biggest title in Lionsgate history! He called the first three days of sales, “enormous” and said sales have run 30% above their expectations.

The Lionsgate CEO then talked about the trailer for Insurgent and it’s star power, “With the first Insurgent trailer slated to debut with the release of Mockingjay in November, skyrocketing book sales, a stellar home entertainment launch and stars Shailene Woodley, Theo James and Ansel Elgort, generating ever-increasing online buzz, I think you can understand why we believe that the Divergent series is becoming very special.”

We couldn’t agree more Mr. Feltheimer!


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